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Post Goods Receipt for Inbound Delivery

With this feature, you can post the receipt of goods with reference to the inbound delivery.

The app proposes a selection of inbound deliveries from the supplier that can be posted.

This app was renamed from Post Goods Receipt for Delivery to Post Goods Receipt for Inbound Delivery.

In the Post Goods Receipt for Inbound Delivery app, you can now do the following:
  • You can select the storage bin in the value help for the storage location as additional information. If Warehouse Management is implemented the storage bin is additionally displayed next to the storage location. Note that Inventory Management organizes stock at storage location level and the storage bin is only for information purposes.

  • You can use a shelf life expiration date check (on plant and movement type level) to support your decision if a goods receipt has passed the time dependent quality requirements. Therefore, two new fields have been introduced on the item level of a purchase order: production date and shelf life expiration date. An entry in these fields might be mandatory in the goods receipt process depending on the settings in the material master.

  • You can now post a receipt of goods for a purchase order, displaying multiple account assignments on order item level.

  • You can use an enhanced value help for storage location. The value help contains all the available storage locations in addition to the storage locations already defined for the selected material in the material master. The value help supports you in posting stock more easily in all available storage locations of a plant.

  • You can use a value help for the base unit of measure field that supports you with suitable default values for the base unit of measure and derived alternative units of measure of the same dimension.

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