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Work-in-Process Batch for Combined Orders


With this feature you can:
  • Use combined production orders in CO11N transaction for confirming the operations with WIP batches

  • Use combined process orders in COR6N transaction for confirming the phases or sub-operations with WIP batches

  • Perform end-to-end WIP batch tracing for combined orders in CO02/CO03 and COR2/COR3

Technical Details

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SAP S/4HANA 1610

Additional Details

This is an enhancement to existing work-in-process (WIP) functionality for order combinations to support combined production and process orders in the area of time ticket confirmations, WIP batch where-used list and goods receipts. Also WIP gives lot more additional features.

Combined orders help in increasing manufacturing efficiency and reducing cost of manufacturing.

Usage of WIP batch increases the transparency of manufacturing process.

The property of the finished product can now be documented after every operation or sub-operation for combined orders as well.