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Manage Grouping Rules

This application allows you to maintain (display, create, change, copy, delete) grouping rules.

Key features include:
  • Application of master data
  • Maintainance of grouping rules that define the set of fields that needs to be used for grouping multiple orders (sales documents or stock transport documents).

Grouping rules will be used in the Manage Season Completeness applications for the grouping of multiple order items to the evaluate season completeness.

Technical Details



Available In

Available in all countries/regions

Scope Item

No scope item required

Application Component


Available as of

SAP S/4HANA 1809 FPS01

Effects on System Administration

Before using this application, you must:

  • Activate the retail-fashion specific switch Retail, Store & Multichannel (SFSW_FASHION_04) under business function ISR_RETAILSYSTEM.

  • Have the following authorization objects:
    • RFM_SCCRUL – Authorization for Grouping Rule specific to Manage Season Completeness
    • RFM_GRULE – Authorization for Core Grouping Rule