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This feature enables you to use the eDocument Basic solution for Croatia.

Technical Details

Product Feature is


Country Dependency


Application Component

CA-GTF-CSC (Country-Specific Objects)


SAP S/4HANA 1610

Additional Details

This feature enables the use of the eDocument Basic solution to perform the following activities in accordance with the legal requirements in Croatia:

  • Creating and submitting an eDocument

  • Deleting an eDocument

  • Requesting signed XML

  • Updating eDocument status

  • Cancelling an eDocument

  • Handling eDocuments with inactive status

  • Displaying eDocument status history

  • Downloading an eDocument

Effects on Existing Data

The Create and Submit eDocument report (EDOC_COCKPIT transaction) has been enhanced to enable the processing of statuses and actions specific to Croatia.

Effects on Customizing

You make settings in the following Customizing activities in Customizing for Cross-Application Components under Start of the navigation pathGeneral Application Functions Next navigation step eDocument Next navigation step General SettingsEnd of the navigation path:

  • Activate Source Type Documents for Company Code

  • Define Interface Type for eDocument

  • Assign eDocument Type to Accounting Document Type

  • Assign eDocument Type to Blling Document Type

  • Assign eDocument Status to Process Status

See also

For more information, see http://help.sap.com/s4hana_op_1610, Start of the navigation pathProduct Assistance Next navigation step English Next navigation step Country Versions Next navigation step Europe Next navigation step Croatia Next navigation step Cross-Application Functions Next navigation step eDocument for CroatiaEnd of the navigation path.