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Reversal in Requested Special Period


The functionality of the special period of choice for the transfer posting to the general ledger has been enhanced with the option of a special period being specified for a reversal (transaction FP08) and mass reversal (transaction FP08M).

Technical Details

Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Application Component

FI-CA-BF-DP (Postings and Documents)

Available As Of

SAP S/4HANA 1610 FPS01

Additional Details

Up till now, the special period has been set in the background for a reversal. The logic was as follows: If the original document had a special period, this was adopted for the reversal document. If no special period was defined for the original document, the default special period for the posting date of the reversal document was determined, which was defined in the SAP menu, under Start of the navigation pathSettings Next navigation step Current Settings Next navigation step Special Periods Next navigation step Specify Default Special PeriodsEnd of the navigation path (transaction FPG0SP1). This logic is also supported if the value “Default” is selected as the special period in the reversal transaction FP08 or FP08M. The special period of choice can also be selected, or no special period can be entered explicitly (value “None”). In this case, the default determination of the special period is not carried out. However, you are not allowed to specify a special period if the reversed document was posted with a special period. In this case, the reversal can only be performed with a special period that is at least the same amount as the special period of the document to be reversed.

The functionality is available if the following prerequisites are met:

  • The switch FICA_EHP6C is active (see transaction SFW_BROWSER to check the status)

  • In the central settings for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable the checkbox Special Periods Are Used.

  • Special authorization 140 in authorization object F_KK_SOND

Effects on Customizing

In Customizing of Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable under Start of the navigation pathBasic Functions Next navigation step Postings and Documents Next navigation step Basic Settings Next navigation step Maintain Central Settings for PostingEnd of the navigation path choose the checkbox Special Periods Are Used, in case the checkbox has not yet been set.