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Statuses in Advanced Shipping and Receiving

With this feature, several new statuses have been introduced in the Advanced Shipping and Receiving process to facilitate the smooth integration of activities performed by Transportation Management (TM) and the warehouse, such as loading or unloading of goods and goods movement processing.

Technical Details



Functional Localization

Not applicable

Scope Item

Not applicable

Application Component

TM-FRM (Freight Order Management)

Available As Of

SAP S/4HANA 2020 FPS01

Additional Details

The following new statuses are available in the Advanced Shipping and Receiving process:

  • Warehouse Door Status - This status indicates whether a warehouse door is currently physically occupied by a truck or is available to load or unload goods. You can get an overview of warehouse doors that are presently available and can be used.

  • Warehouse Processing Status - You can use the warehouse processing status to track the progress of an item or business document through the warehouse and to determine the next steps in the transportation process based on the status. This status is from the perspective of TM. In the inbound process, the warehouse processing status helps control the handover of responsibility for the cargo items from TM to the warehouse. In the outbound process, this status can be used to track if the cargo items are ready to be shipped from the perspective of the warehouse.

  • Goods Movement Status - This status indicates the overall status of goods movement processing in the warehouse. The TM system displays the information communicated by the warehouse about the goods movement status of an item.

  • Goods Movement Processing - This status is from the perspective of TM. The status values indicate the intermediate stages in the goods movement process.

  • Handling Execution Status - The handling execution status values Checked In, Not Checked In, Unloaded, and Loaded have been enhanced. The statuses Checked Out and Not Checked Out have been introduced. For more information, see Explanation of Statuses of Business Documents.

For more information about the Advanced Shipping and Receiving process, see the What's New for Advanced Shipping and Receiving.

Effects on Existing Data

The UIs of TM business documents, such as road freight orders, consignment orders, and freight units, have been enhanced with some of the following new menus or fields:

  • Warehouse Door Status - drop-down menu and field

  • Warehouse Processing Status - drop-down menu and field

  • Goods Movement Status - drop-down menu and field

  • Goods Movement Processing - field

  • Handling Execution Status - enhanced drop-down menu