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Copying Maintenance Plan from Reference Maintenance Plan

This feature enables you to create a maintenance plan by copying a reference maintenance plan. You can use this feature in the Create Maintenance Plan Web UI application.

You are allowed to copy only copy templates by default. If you want to allow a reference maintenance plan to be a copy template, you can do this in the Change Maintenance Plan Web UI application under Start of the navigation pathAdditional Functions Next navigation step Allow as Copy TemplateEnd of the navigation path. If you are sure that each maintenance plan of yours can be copied, you can overwrite the default setting and make the Customizing setting in SAP GUI listed in the Effect on Customizing section.

You can set default values for the copy options in the User Default Values application (transaction EAM_USER) in SAP GUI.

Technical Details

Product Feature is


Country Dependency

Available in all countries/regions

Application Component

PM (Plant Maintenance)


SAP S/4HANA 1709 FPS02

Required Business Function

Simplified Management of EAM Functions 9 (LOG_EAM_SIMPLICITY_9)

Effects on Customizing

You can enable template-based copying in Start of the navigation pathSAP Customizing Implementation Guide Next navigation step Plant Maintenance and Customer Service Next navigation step Maintenance Plans, Work Centers, Task Lists and PTRs Next navigation step Maintenance Plans Next navigation step Configure Special Functions for Maintenance PlanningEnd of the navigation path.

See Also

For more information about this app, look for the topic Process Maintenance Plan under http://help.sap.com/s4hana_op_1709_002 Start of the navigation pathProduct Assistance Next navigation step Enterprise Business Applications Next navigation step Asset Management Next navigation step Plant Maintenance (PM) Next navigation step Apps for Plant Maintenance Next navigation step SAP Apps for Maintenance Planning and SchedulingEnd of the navigation path.