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Alternative-Based Confirmation (ABC)

You can use Alternative-Based Confirmation (ABC) to perform simple location substitution for requirements business document type sales order. During sales order creation, you can replace the originally requested location for a requirement with a substitute location: when selecting the substitute location, the system takes the current availability situation of all possible substitute locations into consideration.

Technical Details

Product Feature is


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Scope Item

1JW (Advanced Available-to-Promise Processing)

Application Component


(ATP: Alternative-Based Confirmation)


SAP S/4HANA 1809

Additional Details

The following apps are available if the business role Order Fulfillment Manager (R0226) is assigned to your user:





Configure Alternative Control

Create and edit alternative controls with which to improve the confirmations for requirements in sales order documents. The alternative controls are defined on the basis of ordered characteristics to which a substitution strategy is assigned.


Configure Substitution Strategy

Define which substitution method is to be used and applied to ensure that requirements are confirmed when a combination of material and plant in a sales order document cannot be confirmed as requested.