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Universal Allocation

The following universal allocation apps have changed features. For more information, see Additional Details.
  • Manage Allocations

  • Run Allocations

  • Allocation Results

  • Allocation Flow (New App)

Technical Details



Functional Localization

Not applicable

Scope Item

J55, 2QL

Application Component


Available As Of

SAP S/4HANA 2020

Additional Details

The following universal allocation app is new:

  • Allocation Flow

    With this app you can display a visual flow of senders and receivers for an allocation and the respective debit and credit amounts.

The following universal allocation apps have changed features:

  • Manage Allocations

    • The Upload Cycles function has been enhanced. You can now validate and edit an uploaded cycle before applying it. You can also now use the Upload Cycles function to make changes to existing cycles.

    • You can assign allocation tags to allocation cycles and filter by allocation tag in the allocation cycles list.

    • For the cost center and profit center contexts, you can use the Derive Functional Area check box on the cycle detail screen to automatically derive the functional area.

  • Run Allocations

    You can now execute multiple top-down distribution cycles in one allocation run.

  • Allocation Results

    • You can use the Group By function in the network graph view of the allocation results.

    • A legend has been added to the network graph view of the allocation results that displays the current groupings and filters.

    • You can now use the network graph view in the allocation results for top-down distributions.

    • You can now navigate directly from the cycle view to the respective run results report.