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New Features for Master Data Governance for Supplier

Multiple Address Assignments

With this feature, you can select one of the addresses defined for the business partner for all additional supplier assignments. The standard assignment still uses the standard business partner address. Replication via service (in addition to ALE) is now also possible, which means that all business partners including assigned customers and suppliers can now be replicated using just one SOA message.


With this feature, you can assign document links that already exist in the system, and you can upload new documents on the Edit Page, and display details for documents. The replication of the document links can be configured for ALE and for SOA.


With this feature, you can maintain classification for supplier assignments. The replication of the classification can be configured for SOA and for ALE. Cleansing of classification is not supported.

Flexible Account Group / ID Handling

With this feature, you can select customer/supplier account groups and IDs independently of the selected business partner grouping during the creation process. This is now also possible for standard-assigned customers and suppliers. The account group assigned to the BP grouping in CVI customizing is a default value only and can be changed.

Hierarchical Value Help for Industries

With this feature, you can select the industries using a hierarchical display similar to transaction BP in the backend.

New Contact Persons UIBB

With this feature, you can use a combined overview page for contact persons and the Contact Persons User Interface Building Block (UIBB) that makes the creation of contact persons together with the workplace address data easier. You can also create relationships and contact persons. You can add new contact persons from an existing business partner and new contact persons that do not yet exist as a business partner. This feature is available for change requests handling business partner organizations.

SAP MDG Fiori Apps Available in SAP Fiori Cloud

With this feature, all SAP MDG Fiori Apps available in the Business Suite are now also available in SAP Fiori Cloud. SAP Fiori Cloud provides a modern, simple and responsive user experience for your existing SAP Business Suite systems. You can connect to the MDG backend directly from SAP Fiori Cloud using the SAP HANA Cloud Connector.

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