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Student Lifecycle Management

Web Service

Web Service has been developed using the Webservice to Proxy scenario to retrieve the list of qualifications which have been conferred to the student based on the student number provided as the input to the XI system from the R/3 source system.

Inbound Service Interface is a wsdl file where the student number is provided.

Outbound Service Interface is the list of qualifications conferred to the student in the xml format.

Health Insurance Report

The report RHIQ_ST_HI_MP updates the expired health insurance of students to the new ones thereby creating the new time slices.

The transaction PIQSTHI_M can also be used to run the report.

  • Student selection could be done through selection method/variant
  • Filter options available:
    • Student Details: filter based on Insurer number and Branch Office
  • Update student data:
    • Edit Insurer number
    • Edit Branch office

Effects on Existing Data

When the Health Insurance record of a student is updated, the old record gets delimited based on the start date of the new health insurance record.

Hub Architecture

Hub architecture for the admission portal is delivered with the new software component in the user interface layer with the existing software component of SLCM in the ABAP backend system (IS-PS-CA). The software components for the user interface and the backend systems are different. The software components can be in two different systems or in the same system. The communication between the user interface and the backend (OData services and backend of admission portal) takes place through a trusted RFC connection.

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