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EFD Contribuições

This feature enables you to collect all the required data for the EFD Contribuições report to generate a TXT file that you must submit to the tax authorities through the Run Advanced Compliance Reports app.

Technical Details



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SAP S/4HANA 1809 FPS02

Effects on Customizing

You need to complete the following activities to be able to use this feature:
  • Configure the EFD contribuições report using the customizing activity Setting Up your Compliance Reporting, under Start of the navigation pathFinancial Accounting (New) Next navigation step SAP S/4HANA for Advanced Compliance ReportingEnd of the navigation path.

  • Make settings for Financial Accounting (New) under Start of the navigation pathGeneral Ledger Accounting Next navigation step Periodic Processing Next navigation step Statutory Reporting: Brazil Next navigation step Company Settings Next navigation step EFD ContribuiçõesEnd of the navigation path.