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Manage Purchase Orders

With this app, you can now create, edit and display additional information to your suppliers in the form of texts in the Notes section. You can also see details concerning the workflow, such as the processors involved and the status, in the section Approval Details in the app. In addition, you can assign a purchase order item to several accounts and distribute costs on a percentage basis. Furthermore, you can order limit items when creating free-text entries for the product type material.

Technical Details

Product Feature is


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Scope Item

1FM (Quality Management in Procurement), 18J (Requisitioning), J82 (SAP Ariba Commerce Automation Integration), J45 (Procurement of Direct Materials), 2LG (Supplier Consignment), BNX (Consumable Purchasing), 22Z (Procurement of Services), 2TW (Complementary Procurement Functions), 2XU (Procurement of Materials with Variable Configuration), J60 (Accounts Payable), J62 (Asset Accounting)

Application Component



SAP S/4HANA 1809

Additional Details

Here, you can find information about additional new features, as well as further explanations about features listed above:
  • Editing texts in the Notes section
  • See details for Advanced purchase orders

    When you click on the icon Advanced Purchase Order, you can now see a list of unsupported features for each purchase order. Because these features are not supported in the Fiori app, you can only edit or display the purchase order using the classic apps (Change Purchase Order – Advanced and Display Purchase Order – Advanced). You can click on each unsupported feature to see which database entries are filled and therefore prevent you from using the Fiori app.

  • Create limit items for materials

    When you order limit items for materials using free-text entries, goods receipts are not necessary. The invoices are posted directly with reference to the purchase order, provided that the specified value limit is not exceeded. Please note that this feature does not enable you to create limit items based on material master data, however.

  • Update in the approval process using the flexible workflow

    A simulation of the workflow is now available when you click Order: If no approver for the workflow is found, a warning message is displayed, and you cannot save the purchase order at all if no workflow can be determined. You can use the button Withdraw from Approval to cancel the approval process for a specific purchase order, provided that you have the required authorization for changing purchase orders.

  • Checks for International Trade Compliance

    You can now use the checks related to International Trade Compliance. Please note that you cannot create a purchase order that violates one of these checks.

  • Use Budget Availability Control

    Budget Availability Control is now integrated in this app and other apps for logistics processes (Manage Purchase Requisitions and Manage Supplier Invoices) that result in cost postings.

  • Use the item category Consignment