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Manual Accruals

This feature allows you to calculate and post manual accruals in the system as was previously the case, but in addition it offers you a couple of new functions, such as the possibility to upload accrual objects and the associated amounts using spreadsheets, or to insert a review and approval step for your periodic accrual amounts.

Technical Details

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SAP S/4HANA 1809

Additional Details

From a technical point of view, the manual accruals application is built on the accrual engine. The accrual engine has been rebuilt to offer more functions and achieve full integration with the General Ledger application component, which means that there is no need for reconciliation with other components and there are no data redundancies because the original documents don't have to be stored separately.

Effects on Customizing

If you migrate from the former accrual engine to the SAP S/4HANA accrual engine, you need to migrate your Customizing settings in a first step. In a second step, you can migrate your transaction data. You can find the settings in Customizing under Start of the navigation pathConversion of Accounting to SAP S/4HANA Next navigation step Preparations and Migration of Customizing Next navigation step Preparation and Migration of Customizing for Accrual EngineEnd of the navigation path.

If you implement the manual accruals functions and, as a consequence, the accrual engine for the first time, you need to follow the standard Customizing steps for manual accruals. You can find the settings in Customizing for Financial Accounting under Start of the navigation pathGeneral Ledger Accounting Next navigation step Business Transactions Next navigation step Accruals ManagementEnd of the navigation path.

Effects on Existing Data

After you have migrated your Customizing settings to the enhanced accrual engine, you can migrate your transaction data (that is, accrual objects and accrual postings) using a mass data project.