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Manage Supplier Invoices


With this feature you can now do the following:

  • You can use the new anchor bar with the relevant anchor links. The anchors represent sections of the object page. Using the anchor links, you can navigate directly to these sections.

  • You can change the exchange rate that is displayed according to the customizing settings. You can change the exchange rate until you create an invoice item. If you specify a purchase order reference with fixed exchange rate and you create the invoice item, the exchange rate is created automatically for the invoice.
  • If you receive a supplier invoice with a deviation either in the amount, or quantity, or both, you can now document this difference in the detail data of the invoice item by choosing the Reduce Invoice function. For a reduced invoice, the app posts an invoice and a credit memo at the same time, and creates a letter of complaint.
  • The app calculates the tax automatically. You can overwrite the tax manually.
  • You can use the Simulate function to display the account movements before posting the document. On the Simulation view, you can also switch the simulation currency, and post the supplier invoice.
  • Besides the reference document category Purchase Order/Scheduling Agreement, you can now choose the reference document categories Delivery Note or Bill of Lading in order to create supplier invoice items with purchase order reference.

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SAP S/4HANA 1610

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