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Material Master: Small Enhancements as Part of Customer Connection Program 2019

Improvements in the Material Master component are available to you in the context of the SAP Customer Connection project for Product Lifecycle Management. These improvements are based on proposals submitted by customers through the Customer Influence program.

Technical Details

Improvement Details

Application Component

Improvement Description

Software Component

Product Features are (New/Changed)

Improvement Request ID

SAP Note

LO-MD-MM (Material Master) Maintain Initial Fixed Values as Blank in the MRP Profile S4CORE 101 New 220494Information published on SAP site 2833929 Information published on SAP site
LO-MD-MM (Material Master) Display Change Documents for the Material Master in List Viewer S4CORE 101 New

221452Information published on SAP site

220668Information published on SAP site

2818726 Information published on SAP site
LO-MD-MM (Material Master) Forward Navigation from Materials or Articles List to Display Material Master or Article Master S4CORE 101 New 220499Information published on SAP site 2829780 Information published on SAP site

These improvements are valid for all countries.

More Information

For more information about Customer Influence, see http://influence.sap.comInformation published on SAP site