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Enhance Standard Processing of Mapping

This feature enables you to implement your own mapping logic for mapping entities in the Central Finance system.

Technical Details



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Available in all countries/regions

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No scope item required

Application Component

FI-CF (Central Finance)

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Additional Details

In Central Finance, business mapping is used to map an identifier or code from the source system to the identifier or code in the Central Finance system. To each mapping entity, such as company code or cost center ID, a mapping action, such as Mapping Obligatory, is assigned. This combination of mapping entity and mapping action defines how the mapping information is used during the replication of journal entries from a source system to the Central Finance system.

You can implement the Enhance Standard Mapping Business Add-In (BAdI) once and then use it across all replication scenarios within Central Finance. The BAdI is only called, when the mapping action for a mapping entity is set to Map if Possible or Mapping Obligatory.

Effects on Existing Data

There are also other BAdIs available that you can use to enhance the mapping logic in Central Finance, such as the BAdI: Enhance Standard Processing of Posting Data or the BAdI: Enhance Standard Processing of CO Secondary Posting. If you are already using them, please make sure that the implementation of those BAdIs do not contradict the implementation of this BAdI.

Effects on Customizing

The Enhance Standard Mapping Business Add-In (BAdI) is available in the implementation guide (IMG). To access it, use transaction CFINIMG (IMG Path: Start of the navigation pathCentral Finance Next navigation step Central Finance: Target System Settings Next navigation step BAdIs: Central FinanceEnd of the navigation path. For more details, please read the documentation of the IMG activity.