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Condition Contract Process Variants

This feature enables you to structure condition contracts into groups without having to create separate condition contract types with identical settings and just a different name for condition contracts that need to be processed differently to standard condition contracts, for example, in sales rebate processing.

Technical Details

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Valid for all countries

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SAP S/4HANA 1809

Additional Details

If the system should respond differently when existing condition contract processes are run, you can use a condition contract process variant instead of creating a new condition contract type with dependencies to other Customizing objects. Using a variant ensures that other Customizing settings do not need be changed.

For example, in sales rebate processing, if you need to distinguish between short-term rebates and standard rebates for controlling purposes by posting to different accounts, you can create a process variant called “Short-term rebates” that you then assign to your standard rebates type as a valid variant.

When you create condition contracts, you assign the “Short-term rebates” process variant to condition contracts that need to be handled differently. The process variant can then be used within follow-on processes, for example, to influence the account determination for accruals and/or cost accounts.

Effects on Customizing

You define condition contract process variants in Customizing for Logistics - General under Start of the navigation pathSettlement Management  Next navigation step Condition Contract Management Next navigation step Condition Contract Maintenance Next navigation step Define Contract Process VariantsEnd of the navigation path.

In this Customizing activity, you also assign condition contract process variants to the relevant contract types, purchase organizations, and sales areas. If you maintain relevant purchase organizations or sales areas, the process variant is only relevant for these; otherwise, the variant is relevant for all organizational data.