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Overdue Materials - Stock in Transit

With this feature, you can get an overview of the overdue materials for which a stock transport order has been created. You can identify these materials to complete the stock transfer process or investigate potential problems.

In the Overdue Materials - Stock in Transit app, you can now do the following:

  • You can use optimized authorization handling to turn off the display of the values in the stock value fields. In other words, you can hide this type of financial information that should only be available to a specific group of users.

  • You can extend the Overdue Materials - Stock in Transit app according to your business needs. In the Custom Fields and Logic app, you can enable the usage of standard fields.

  • You can use the optimized tooltip in the bullet micro chart.

  • You can use the new variant Group by Purchase Order / Purchase Order Item to optimize the result table.

  • You can use a new situation template to create your own ready-to-use situation for overdue stock transport order items using the Manage Situation Types app.

    With the predelivered situation template MAN_MATLOVERDUESITSITN you can immediately inform responsible team members about delayed stock transport order items. These team members can monitor overdue stock transport order items according to the conditions defined in the situation and can take further action if necessary. These conditions can be changed. The predelivered conditions are just proposals.

  • You can now access a detailed screen showing more information about the stock transport order item. A timeline now visualizes the sequence of posted documents. In the timeline section it is also possible to filter only selected documents which excludes canceled and referenced documents. Referenced documents refer to other line items in the result table for the same selected stock transport order item. Open situations can be resolved in the situations section on the detailed screen. This section is only visible if this stock transport item triggered a situation.

  • A new Complete Delivery button has been introduced for open stock transport order items where the total goods issue quantity equals the total goods receipt quantity.

Technical Details



Functional Localization

Not applicable

Scope Item

BMH (Stock Transfer without Delivery)

Application Component


Available As Of

SAP S/4HANA 1909

Additional Details

You have to create your own team with team type SINVOVDUEM using the Manage Teams and Responsibilities app. You can add members of your organization to the created team and assign member functions that are also predelivered such as warehouse clerk or inventory manager.

If you want to differentiate between different teams, you can do so with the responsibility definitions for Issuing Plant, Receiving Plant and Receiving MRP Controller. Only notifications about stock transport order items that fulfill the responsibility definitions of a team will be available for this team.