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Advanced Shipping and Receiving

Advanced Shipping and Receiving is an integrated, end-to-end process that allows users to send, receive, and transport products. It supports mixed and multi-warehouse scenarios within one freight order. It helps you to coordinate the process steps from arrival of trucks at the gate to the final goods receipt in the warehouse. A truck that has posted arrival at a checkpoint can carry out both loading and unloading activities at a location, or it can deliver goods at several warehouses at the same location.

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TM-INT (Integration)

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Advanced Shipping and Receiving simplifies communication between Transportation Management (TM), Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), Stock Room Management (STRM), Inventory Management and Physical Inventory (MM-IM), and Logistics Execution (LE) application components embedded in SAP S/4HANA. You need Materials Management (MM) and Sales and Distribution (SD) to create transportation requirements.

Communication is simplified by using a harmonized data model, by applying the EDIFACT standard to EDI messages, and by providing dedicated apps and expanding existing apps and radio frequency (RF) transactions for shipping and receiving processes. Information moves freely between the components and allows users to gain insights into the status of the products during the process.

Advanced Shipping and Receiving offers features such as:

  • A freight order can contain both EWM-managed and IM-managed storage locations, for example at a production location, and the two storage locations can share a loading point.

  • The Advanced Shipping and Receiving process is based on one object only (the freight order) and does not use the EWM transportation unit (TU) or the EWM vehicle.

  • In the process you can use consignment orders to group transportation requirements based on certain criteria, such as the same source and destination location, the same delivery date/time, and the same business partner. You can create consignment orders using inbound messages as well as manually.

  • It is possible to deliver goods to or pick up goods from several warehouses at the same location.

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Effects on System Administration

A new authorization object T_TOR_WHN is available. It authorizes users to perform execution tasks in business documents, like loading or unloading, for a specific warehouse.

Effects on Customizing

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