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TRM, HM, Hedge Management Cockpit: Layout and New Key Figures

With this feature, you can define the layout of the result table within the Hedge Management Cockpit. In addition, you can use the new key figures Hedged Rate and Hedge Quota.

Technical Details

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Country Dependency

Available in all countries/regions

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SAP S/4HANA 1709

Additional Details

Layout for Hedge Management Cockpit

The layouts are independent of the hedging area. You define them in the Hedge Management Cockpit using the Manage Layouts function.

Within the layout, you define the following:

  • How exposure snapshots are read

    • I Snapshot ID

      You have to enter the snapshot ID when you start the Hedge Management Cockpit.

    • L Last Snapshot

    • R Last Relevant Snapshot

  • The date on which hedging instruments are read

    • Current date

      The current date is taken.

    • Date

      You have to enter the date when you start the Hedge Management Cockpit.

  • The design of the result table, which you determine using the Display Mode

    • Row: Key figures in rows, time periods as columns

    • Column: Key figures in columns, time periods as rows

  • How the data is displayed in the results table of the Hedge Management Cockpit (in the area Display Level)

    • Differentiation criteria

      • 0 Characteristic is not displayed

      • 1 Characteristic is displayed (column)

      If you choose the company code and currency as differentiation criteria: You need to have company codes and exposures in the currencies USD, JPY, and GBP so that the data is aggregated on the six combination levels 0001 USD/0001 JPY/0001 GBP/0002 USD/0002 JPY/0002 GBP.

    • Key figures

      • Display level

        With the display level, you decide which key figure is calculated and diplayed.

        • 0 = Key figure is not displayed

        • 1 = Key figure is displayed

        The following key figures are available:

        • Incoming Exposures

        • Outgoing Exposures

        • Net Exposure

        • Hedges

        • Net Open Exposure

        • Hedged Rate

        • Hedge Quota

        In addition, you define the order of the chosen key figures.

    • Period

      You can choose to see the periods as defined in the hedging area. In addition, you can display a total across all time periods and a total of all time periods in a calendar year.

      Enter 1 in the Display Level column when you want to display the periods/totals. Alternatively, enter 0 when you do not want to display them.

You can define the layout as private. User-specific layouts are not visible for other users.

Due to this new entity, you now start the Hedge Management Cockpit as follows:

  1. Call the Hedge Management Cockpit using the app on the SAP Fiori launchpad or by calling the function in the backend system (transaction TOENE).

  2. Choose the hedging area.

  3. Choose the layout.

  4. Start the report.

    Depending on the settings made in the layout, you now see the results list immediately. Alternatively, you first need to enter the snapshot ID and the date.

New Key Figures in Hedge Management Cockpit

  • Hedged Rate

    The hedged rate is the nominal weighted average rate of the FX rates of the selected hedging instruments.

    Formula: Hedged Rate = Sum[Nominal_in_Curr] / Sum[Nominal_in_RFreeCurr]

  • Hedge Quota [%]

    Hedge quota is the sum of hedges divided by the net exposures.

    Formula: Hedge Quota [%] = Sum of Hedges / Net Exposure * 100