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Manage Customer Down Payment Requests


Down payment requests serve as triggers for the payment program to debit customer accounts with a down payment or for the dunning program to dun customers for down payments. They do not update account balances. You use this app to display down payment requests that have been created automatically, based on a sales order. For example, if a customer wants to negotiate the due date of the requested payment, you have to find the correct down payment request to clarify the issue. In this case, you can use this app to find and change the relevant down payment request.

If an appropriate down payment request does not exist, you can use this app to create one. If the sales order does not exist and therefore the down payment request cannot be created automatically, you can also use this app to create the down payment request for this amount manually.

Once the customer has paid the down payment, the corresponding down payment request is cleared automatically. In some cases you might need to clear the down payment request manually, for example if differences occur or the payment was split. Key features of the app include:

  • View existing down payment requests for customers

  • Export the table of existing down payment requests to a spreadsheet

  • Change existing down payment requests

  • Create new down payment requests

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