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BOM Materials and Full Products in Advanced Returns Management

With this feature, you can process BOM materials and full products in Advanced Returns Management. The system supports BOM materials, irrespective of whether pricing and inventory management takes place for the BOM header material or the components. The BOM structure definition may also include service materials. You can also process a full product that is defined as a BOM material with the BOM usage Sales and Distribution. The system treats BOM items for header or components that are not relevant for inventory management like a single service material.

Technical Details

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SAP S/4HANA 1809

Additional Details

Returns Order

When you enter a BOM material in the returns order, the system explodes the components according to the structure definition. When creating the returns order item for the BOM material with reference, you can either configure a reexplosion or a quantity copy in the copy control settings. You can only enter a quantity relationship deviant from the structure definition when the BOM material or full product quantity equals 1.

To ensure consistent logistical processing of the BOM header and components, the system copies the logistical data that you enter for the BOM header to the component items. You cannot change them for the components. By contrast, you can enter refund data both for the BOM header and components according to the pricing relevance. In the case of full prodcuts, for which tied empties have their own pricing, you can release the refund for tied empties immediately, whereas you can defer the refund decision for the full product to a time after the material inspection. Use the Fast Change function to quickly set the refund control for selected tied empties. You can also process a BOM material with pricing and inventory managementfor the BOM header like a single material.

Material Inspection in the Warehouse

You can perform the material inspection in the following cases:

  • For a BOM material header when relevant for inventory management

    • The components are not relevant for inspection.

  • For BOM components when relevant for inventory management

    • The BOM header material is not relevant for inspection

  • For a full product

    • The tied empties are not relevant for inspection.

You can also enter inspection data on the subitem level for a BOM material header, as well as for a full product. Select the relevant items in the returns delivery overview table and choose the corresponding function below the table. New lines for the BOM components or for tied empties appear in the returns delivery overview table, which you can select for data entry.

Using this function for a BOM header material means the BOM header material is no longer relevant for inspection. You can only specify 0031 No Further Activity as the logistical follow-up activity.

Using this function for a full product means that you dispose of the liquid content. As a result, you can only specify 0012 Transfer to Scrap or 0018 Transfer to Scrap for Customer as the logistical follow-up activity.

When confirming the material inspection, the system posts a Late Goods Issue for the BOM material header and a Late Goods Receipt for the BOM components or tied empties before creating the follow-up documents for the subitems. For the follow-up document creation, you must specify an inspection code and logistical follow-up for the BOM header, full product, and all subitems.