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Support of Production Supply Areas Managed in EWM

Three features have been developed to support production supply areas managed in embedded EWM:
  • Kanban Stock Transfer with EWM Warehouse Task

  • External procurement with Kanban Summarized JIT Call

  • Production Kanban with Repetitive Manufacturing

Technical Details



Functional Localization

Not applicable

Scope Item

1E3 (Manufacturing with Kanban Supply into Production)

Application Component


Available As Of

SAP S/4HANA 1909

Additional Details

In Kanban, a new stock transfer replenishment strategy is available, allowing direct warehouse task creation in embedded EWM.

See: Replenishment of EWM-Managed Storage Locations

The following Kanban replenishment strategies support destination bins:
  • Stock Transfer with Warehouse Task

  • External Procurement with Summarized JIT Calls

  • In-house Production with Planned Orders

If a source production supply area but no source bin is maintained in the Kanban control cycle, the replenishment strategy “Stock Transfer with Warehouse Task” will determine the source bin before creating the EWM warehouse task.

In the Repetitive Manufacturing profile a flag to control synchronous/asynchronous goods movement posting can be configured for the Kanban replenishment strategy In-house production with planned orders.