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Joint Position and MtM Reporting for Derivative and Logistics Transactions

Commodity Position Reporting and Mark-to-Market Reporting enable a joint reporting of derivative and logistics transactions. A union data provider reads risk-relevant data from derivative and logistics transactions. The consuming CDS query provides a comprehensive set of key figures and attributes of different industries and cross commodities:

The joint Commodity Position Reporting enables you to analyze the price risk quantities of commodity positions resulting from commodity derivatives, logistics transactions, and material stock.

The joint Mark-to-Market Reporting calculates and shows you the undiscounted MtM values, contract values and market values for derivatives transactions, unrealized logistics documents, material stock, as well as the MtM changes between two evaluation dates.

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SAP S/4HANA 1809 FPS00

Note that, for applying the joint Commodity Position Reporting and Mark-to-Market Reporting of commodity derivatives and logistics transactions, the activation of both, business function FIN_TRM_COMM_RM and LOG_CPE_SD_MM, is a prerequisite.

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