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Auxiliary Packaging Materials

With this function you can use auxiliary packaging materials in business documents in Transportation Management (TM), such as freight orders or consignment orders.

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Functional Localization

Not applicable

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Application Component

TM-FRM (Freight Order Management)

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Additional Details

Auxiliary packaging materials are materials that are used along with the packaging material to pack a product. These include lids, foil, lining, and anything used to wrap or protect products. You can now insert auxiliary packaging materials manually in the item hierarchy of a business document or communicate them automatically using EDI messages such as advanced shipping notifications (ASNs) for consignment orders.

Furthermore, auxiliary packaging materials are considered by the package building function and during integration with Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), for example in the Advanced Shipping and Receiving process. For more information, see the What's New document for Advanced Shipping and Receiving.

Effects on Existing Data

In the detailed information for the packaging material items, the packaging material type and the packaging material category are displayed.

Effects on Customizing

You can make the following settings in Customizing for Transportation Management:
  • In the product master data you can assign the packaging material categories Auxiliary Packaging Material and Packaging Material to an auxiliary packaging material type. For more information, see Start of the navigation pathMaster Data Next navigation step Product Next navigation step Define Packaging Material TypesEnd of the navigation path.

  • You can assign the new Auxiliary Packaging Material item category to an item type. Afterwards, you can specify this item type as an allowed item type for your freight order or consignment order type. For more information, see Start of the navigation pathFreight Order Management Next navigation step Define Item Types for Freight Order ManagementEnd of the navigation path.

  • You can include the auxiliary packaging material in your own item hierarchy, if you want to define one. It is already included in the default item hierarchy. For more information see Start of the navigation pathFreight Order Management Next navigation step Define Hierarchical Views for Business DocumentsEnd of the navigation path.