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Display MRP Key Figures (SAP S/4HANA)


With this app, you can view detailed information on each MRP run. This information is available if the MRP run has been completed, is still running, or was terminated. In the overview screen, the system lists all the individual MRP runs that have been carried out. You can access the details screen by clicking on an individual row. In the following screen, you can check all available key figure information such as the settings used to perform the planning run, the number of materials processed as well as various durations. A graphic is also available showing the development of the run history. Sections are also available showing detailed information per low-level code or per the individual steps performed in the planning run.

Technical Details

Technical Name of Product Feature


Product Feature is


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Application Component

PP-MRP (Material Requirements Planning)


SAP S/4HANA 1610 FPS01

Additional Details

You can use this app to do the following, for example:

  • View a table of all the MRP runs which have been triggered. You can see whether the planning run is still running or has been completed and you can navigate to a details screen for each row.
  • View general information about the planning run as well as the settings used, the number of materials processed, and durations information.

  • View the development of the run history of the planning runs in a graphic. Per MRP run, you can see the number of materials planned, the number of materials that failed and the time it took for the planning run.

  • View detailed information per low-level code and type of MRP step including the number of materials planned per low-level code, how many orders were created or deleted and how much time was required for each step.

  • View detailed information about each individual step performed in MRP live including how many materials were planned in this step, how many orders were created or deleted and how much time was required for each step.