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Configure Drill-Down


With this app, you can configure the generic drill-down application with various charts at design time and display the charts at runtime. The visualization can be sorted based on the measure and dimensions of the KPI.

Technical Details

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Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

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SAP S/4HANA 1610

Additional Details

You can use this app for the following:

  • Configure the facet filter wherein you can filter the dimensions that is available in the VDM. At design time, you can choose the dimensions that appear at runtime.

  • Show or hide the KPI aggregate value

  • Add visualizations in the KPI header

  • Re-organize or edit the views

  • Visualize the chart type

  • Configure single or dual axis to bar and column charts

  • Export data in excel format

  • E-mail KPI details

  • Create a new tile where the filters applied in the drill-down are applied to the new tile

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