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Improvements for Formula Editing

With this feature you can configure the previous validation for reserved M10 words, which always up to now generated a warning message by default, with the setting options Error, Warning or Ignore in the project settings (context menu of the project/Properties/PMQ Settings/Project Settings/Validations) under Other/Reserved words in names (M10).

The validation checks, whether objects exist that have a name that corresponds to the M10 syntax.

Further the auto-completion for M10 source code was extended by the completion of all preprocessor definitions predefined in msg.PMQ.

Besides, the existing hover for M10 source code elements has been extended by information for predefined preprocessor definitions, local and external variables, result variables and auto-index variables.

In this context, the data type and dimension are now also displayed for the following objects:

  • Content objects (for example formulas, user exits)
  • Attributes, methods and message fields declared by 'data'
  • Enumeration elements, table columns and structure fields

The extension also includes the display of type comments at the level of product modules or tables in the M10 hover and in auto-completion.

Technical Details



Available In

Available in all countries/regions

Scope Item

No scope item required

Application Component

FS-MPM (msg.PMQ)

Available as of

SAP S/4HANA 1809 FPS01