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Transfer Stock - In-Plant

With this feature, you can make transfer postings within a plant.

In the Transfer Stock – In-Plant app, you can now do the following:
  • You can use the special stock indicators E (orders on hand) and Q (project stock), including transfer postings, for your business processes.

    Special transfer postings between the same special stock indicators are also possible: from E to E or from Q to Q.

  • You can recognize new visual effects: It is now easier to recognize when special stock types are available as the quantities are in bold print and available for posting.

  • You can select the storage bin in the value help for the storage location as additional information. If Warehouse Management is implemented the storage bin is displayed in the value help for the storage location. Note that Inventory Management organizes stock at storage location level and the storage bin is only for information purposes.

  • You can use a value help that supports you in posting stock more easily to all available storage locations of a plant. The value help for the storage location contains all the available storage locations.

  • You can use an optimized selection option to select an alternative unit of measure for stock transfer postings. The system shows the base unit of measure and all possible alternative units of measure including the conversion rule.

Technical Details

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Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Scope Item

BMC (Core Inventory Management)

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SAP S/4HANA 1809