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TRM, HM, HACC (FX Risk), Release Hedging Business Transactions - Parallel Processing

This feature enables parallel processing for the function Release Hedging Business Transactions (transaction TPM120).

Parallel processing improves your system performance during the initialization phase for the Hedge Management and Accounting of Net Open Exposures (FX Risk) process as high volumes of hedging business transactions have to be released.

Technical Details

Product Feature is


Country Dependency

Available in all countries/regions

Application Component



SAP S/4HANA 1709 FPS01

Effects on Customizing

You activate the parallel processing function in Customizing under Start of the navigation pathTransaction Manager Next navigation step General Settings Next navigation step Parallel Processing ControlEnd of the navigation path by setting the Allow User to Control Parallelization Parameters in GUI indicator.

See Also

For more information, see http://help.sap.com/s4hana_op_1709_001 under Start of the navigation pathProduct Assistance Next navigation step Enterprise Business Applications Next navigation step Finance Next navigation step Treasury and Finanical Risk Management End of the navigation path. Search for Hedge Management and Accounting of Net Open Exposures (FX Risk).