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Legal Content Management (1XV)


The scope item now includes the following:

Enhancements in Manage Legal Transactions: With this app, you can use Situation Handling in Legal Content Management. You can define situations to notify the legal counsel when the health synchronization of a legal transaction has failed and should be processed to ensure successful synchronization.

  1. You can now link objects from an external system using the Linked Objects feature.
  2. You can also use the Open Issues hyperlink to view the missing or wrong attributes that affect the health of the legal transaction.
  3. Use the Create with Reference functionality to create a copy of an existing legal transaction, by defining a relationship with the source transaction. Defining a relationship provides traceability between the source and target transactions. You can also copy the required header attributes and facets from the source legal transaction. You can use this reference transaction as a template and define other attributes and facets according to your business needs.
  4. You can even copy task group templates defined in the source legal transaction to the target transaction.
  5. You can view comments added by the task approver in the My Inbox app, under the Task Group in Progress facet.
  6. Define relationships between multiple legal relationships. You can view all mandatory documents specified in the related transactions, in the sub-facet Related Mandatory Documents. If configured, you can view Notifications when the health of related legal transactions is synchronized. You can define renewal and termination of legal transactions in the new facet called Life Cycle. You can use the Copy functionality to create a copy of an existing legal transaction.
  7. While adding a new task step, you can select additional recipient assignments and roles to assign workflow tasks to specific teams and users. The teams can be configured using Responsibility Management functions in the Manage Teams and Responsibility app.
  8. You can select preconditions and add alternative preconditions to be fulfilled, before a workflow task is triggered.
  9. You can now define how to handle exceptions for rejected workflow tasks, by selecting the required action and the action result.
  10. While defining the renewal and termination clauses for legal transactions in the Life Cycle facet, you can also select relevant date types in the All Dates sub facet.

Enhancements in Legal Content Overview: With this app, you can use the new cards to analyze the most important tasks to be processed by you. You can also analyze the pending tasks of your legal transaction, average processing time taken by each task, and task completion of different types of tasks.

Categories: With this app, you can now add description to the node category.

Enhancements in Manage Legal Documents: With this app, you can filter all the legal documents using five new filters Main Organization Type, Main Organization, Stamps, Main Entity Type, and Main Entity. You can also assign a Reference Number to the legal document, under the Basic Details section of the Document Information facet in the legal document.

The corresponding fields for the new filters are available under specific groups in the Manage Legal Document application. The groups are Content Details, Basic Details, and Related Details.

Manage Legal Tasks: With this feature, you can manage tasks that are linked to different legal transactions by forwarding tasks to other agents and notifying agents about pending tasks. You can see all the tasks grouped under the legal transaction from where these workflow tasks were triggered. You can filter the tasks based on task types and agent roles, in addition to all the other common filter types.

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1XV ( Legal Content Management )

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SAP S/4HANA 1909

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For more information about this scope item and additional deliverables, refer to the fact sheetInformation published on SAP site in the SAP Best Practices Explorer.