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Release for Delivery

The Release for Delivery app has been enhanced to support the business document type stock transport order as well as to display dependencies between requirement items, to display key dates for material availability and shipping in the relevant time zone and to visually indicate when requirements are impacted by product allocation.

Technical Details

Product Feature is


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Scope Item

1JW (Advanced Available-to-Promise Processing)

Application Component


(ATP: Backorder Processing)


SAP S/4HANA 1809

Additional Details

  • In addition to supporting the business document type sales order, the app now also supports the business document type stock transport order.

  • To increase transparency when processing order items for delivery groups, the app now displays dependencies between requirement items.

  • The app now displays the material availability date, goods issue date and loading date in the local time zone of the delivery plant instead of in the local time zone of the current user. The delivery date is displayed in the local time zone of the ship-to party.

  • If a requirement for manual processing is impacted by product allocation, the relevant order item cannot be processed and an appropriate message is displayed for the user.