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Authorization Objects in Quality Management

This feature enables you to define authorizations in Quality Management in a more consistent way. To make this possible, additional new authorization objects have been introduced that contain authorization fields for activities (create, edit, and so on).

Technical Details

Product Feature is


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Application Component



SAP S/4HANA 1809

Additional Details

In the last release 1709, new authorization objects were created in Quality Management to replace old authorization objects. This has been continued for 1809.

The reason for this is that no activity was included in some existing authorization objects in Quality Management. Authorization was checked using the authorization object Q_TCODE (transaction code) instead, which also needed to be maintained. Since transaction codes are no longer relevant for Fiori apps, the old authorization objects are gradually being replaced by new authorization objects with activities.

Effects on Existing Data

The new authorization objects will replace the old authorization objects in the medium term. The old authorization objects will be deleted in the release after the next one. Until then, they remain valid. That means the new authorization objects are checked in addition to the old authorization objects. The new objects were also assigned to the authorization profile SAP_NEW.

If you maintained the old authorization objects in a previous release, you do not need to maintain the new authorization objects immediately for existing functions as well, but only for new functions. However, we recommend that you change your authorizations over to the new authorization objects as soon as possible.

The following table shows which new authorization object replaces which old authorization objects.

New Authorization Object

Replaces Following Old Authorization Objects




Authorization for editing control charts


Q_MATERIAL with the following values for QMATMODUS:

  • J (edit sample record)

  • K (release sample drawing and sample)

Authorization for editing samples



Authorization for editing sample locations of samples


Additional authorization for Customizing of inspector qualifications


Q_MASTERD with QMASTMOD = 102 (edit sample-drawing procedures)

Authorization for editing sample-drawing procedures



Authorization for editing quality certificate receipts in procurement


Q_MATERIAL with QMATMODUS = E (editing of QM info records (Purchasing, Sales)) and Q_TCODE

Authorization for editing quality info records in Sales


Q_TCODE (only for notification tasks)

Authorization for editing quality tasks (new object) and notification tasks

Effects on System Administration

  1. Assign the authorization profile SAP_NEW to your roles.

  2. Enter the new authorization objects in your roles and maintain the authorizations for the new authorization objects. Note that the old objects will initially still be checked as well.

  3. Then remove the authorization profile SAP_NEW again so the newly maintained authorizations become effective.