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Manage Purchase Orders

With the Manage Purchase Orders app, you can now use several new features, such as the following: You can use the subcontracting process, you can now display the purchase order commitments, you can enter or display supplier contact data, you can display supplier confirmations, and you can select any WBS element as the account assignment object of a purchase order item regardless of whether the WBS element is assigned as a work package or not.

Technical Details



Functional Localization

Not applicable

Scope Item

18J (Requisitioning), 1FM (Quality Management in Procurement), 1NB (Ariba - Sales Order to Customer Invoice Integration for Sales), 1W8 (Legal Control), 1ZM (Procure-to-Pay with SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing), 22K (Contingent Workforce Procurement via SAP Fieldglass), 22Z (Procurement of Services), 2LG (Supplier Consignment), 2R7 (Purchasing Rebate Processing), 2TW (Complementary Procurement Functions), 2TX (Direct Procurement with Inbound Delivery), 2XU (Procurement of Materials with Variant Configuration), 3UK (Inbound Storage Tank Management - Process Manufacturing), BMY (Subcontracting), BNX (Consumable Purchasing), J45 (Procurement of Direct Materials), J62 (Asset Accounting), J82 (Automated Purchase-to-Pay with SAP Ariba Commerce Automation),

Application Component

MM-PUR (Purchasing)

Available As Of

SAP S/4HANA 1909

Additional Details

Below you will find more information about the enhancements to the Manage Purchase Orders app:

  • Subcontracting Process: Subcontracting is a form of procurement where the required product is manufactured by a supplier (in this case the subcontractor) to whom you provide certain components. You can provide these components either directly from one of your plants, or indirectly through one of your suppliers. Using the components you provide, the subcontractor completes the manufacturing process and delivers the required product to the ordering party.

  • Purchase Order Commitments: If the account assignment of a purchase order is commitment-relevant, you can now view the commitments in a table. The table displays one line for each combination of purchase order item, account assignment line, and schedule line. The respective amount also includes the commitment for the delivery costs of the item. If the commitment has been reduced, for example, by a goods receipt or an invoice, the system displays the residual commitment.

    The commitment table considers standard items as well as limit items with a commitment-relevant account assignment (cost centers or WBS elements).

  • Supplier Contact Data: You can maintain or view data for a contact person at the supplier, namely an identifier or the name of the Salesperson, the salesperson´s telephone number, and reference data for the contact person.

    You can use the maintained data for the contact person as a filter for the list of purchase orders displayed in the object list of the Manage Purchase Orders app.

  • Supplier Confirmation Control: The new sections Supplier Confirmation Control and Supplier Confirmations on purchase order item level enable you to view supplier confirmations and corresponding control settings.

  • Funds Management: If Public Sector Management is active in your system, the new section Funds Management is also available on purchase order item level.

    In the new section Funds Management, you can enter information for purchase orders without an account assignment category, such as fund, grant, budget period, functional area, cost center, and G/L account. Invoices created with reference to these purchase orders also have no account assignment category and forward the information to Finance.

  • If you use the account assignment category Project for your purchase order item, you can select any WBS element as the corresponding account assignment object. The input help of the field WBS element will offer you all the WBS elements, both those that are assigned as a work package and those that are not. Please note that, for a correct determination of the project costs for projects, you have to choose only WBS elements with a work package assignment in such projects.

  • In case of missing authorization, the entries of the user in the Manage Purchase Orders app are reset by the system.

    If a user does not have authorization, for example, for the purchasing group, purchasing organization, or for the plant entered, the system resets the previous entries.