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Central Finance: Manage Mappings


With business mapping in Central Finance you define a relationship between an identifier or code used in a source system and one used in the Central Finance system. For the same mapping entity, for example cost center or general ledger account, different identifiers or codes may be used in the systems. The Central Finance: Manage Mappings tool makes it much easier to edit master data and customizing objects that are supported in Central Finance.

Technical Details

Product Feature is


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Application Component

Central Finance (FI-CF)


SAP S/4HANA 1610

Additional Details

You can display mappings for key mapping (ID mapping) entities and value mapping (code mapping) entities. The tool facilitates the maintenance of mappings by providing CSV templates per mapping entity and a function for mass upload of mappings for key mapping entities. You can do a mass download for ID mapping entities and for code mapping entities. An error log shows you discrepancies for mappings and lists all issues that occurred during upload and deletion of mappings, so that you can easily follow up on them. This is especially helpful when you are simulating upload or deletion of mappings first, before the changes are actually made to the Master Data Governance (MDG) tables.

For more information, please display the report documentation of the system by calling up transaction FINS_CFIN_MAP_MANAGE and click on the I-Button, or if you are using Web GUI, access the documentation with Start of the navigation pathMore Next navigation step Program DocumentationEnd of the navigation path. This transaction is also part of the user role SAP_SFIN_CFIN_ADMIN which can be assigned to your user.