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Consolidation Reporting Logic

The consolidation reporting logic is renovated to support both legal and management consolidation while providing high flexibility in re-organizations. It combines two different views of consolidated data: Group consolidation view and hierarchy consolidation view.

Technical Details



Functional Localization

Not applicable

Scope Item

1SG (Group Reporting - Financial Consolidation)

Application Component


Available As Of

SAP S/4HANA 1909

Additional Details

In the Group Consolidation View, the consolidation group is a flat list of the assigned consolidation units with group-dependent attributes such as consolidation method, acquisition date, and divestiture date.

The Hierarchy Consolidation View is based on the hierarchies of consolidation units, profit centers, and segments that are maintained in the Manage Global Accounting Hierarchies app.

Both views retrieve the same set of consolidated data but based on different dimensions and with a specific reporting logic described below. When generating a report for consolidated data, by specifying both consolidation group and any relevant hierarchies, you can get a combined view.

With the new reporting logic introduced, two new analytical report apps are made available: Group Data Analysis (New) and Group Data Analysis - With Reporting Rules (New). You use these reports to display a group consolidation view, a hierarchy consolidation view, or a combined view by specifying the corresponding values in the report Prompts.

In addition, the Display Group Journal Entries - With Reporting Logic app is also introduced to provide drill-through capability from the above reports to group journal entries at line item level.

For more information about report prompts and the derivation logic for consolidation groups, hierarchy members, and elimination members in the respective views, see Reporting Logic (New).

The following apps can be used using the new group reporting logic:

  • Manage Consolidation Group Structure - Group View

  • Manage Consolidation Group Structure - Unit View

  • Import Consolidation Master Data for FS items, group structure, and consolidation units.

  • Group Data Analysis

  • Group Data Analysis - With Reporting Rules

  • Display Group Journal Entries - With Reporting Logic

Preparation for Consolidation Group Changes

With the new reporting logic, the Preparation for Consolidation Group Changes (PCC) task in the Consolidation Monitor is enhanced to increase traceability and eliminate data replication.

Additional Details:

The PCC postings (at posting levels 02, 12, and 22) are adjusted as follows:
  • Revoke data for the periods when the consolidation unit is not yet first consolidated (record type A)

  • Revoke data for the periods when the consolidation unit is already divested (record type D)

  • Revoke data when the consolidation unit is consolidated using the equity consolidation method (record type E)

  • Other existing adjustments remain posted with record type 0.

In addition, the following new scenarios are supported:
  • First consolidation at end of period

  • Divestiture at beginning of period

With this change, the Integration of Data into Consolidation Group task is no longer needed and has been removed from the Consolidation Monitor.

In addition to the PCC enhancements, the Customizing activity Define Reclassification Methods now combines Accounting Technique and Start/End Period settings to restrict the trigger data to the correct period, for example, first consolidation at end of period or divestiture at beginning of period.