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Actual Cost Analysis

This app supports you in monitoring and evaluating actual costs resulting from current maintenance orders. It enables you, for example, to analyze the actual costs for materials and labor in maintenance or to compare the total corrective and preventive actual maintenance costs during a selected time period. In addition, you can easily identify the maintenance activities leading to the highest costs or the parts of the asset that were particularly costly on inspections. Altogether, this analytical list page offers you multiple possibilities to evaluate actual maintenance costs stored in the Universal Journal Entry.

Technical Details



Functional Localization

Not applicable

Scope Item

BH1 (Corrective Maintenance), BH2 (Emergency Maintenance), BJ2 (Preventive Maintenance)

Application Component

PM (Plant Maintenance)

Available As Of

SAP S/4HANA 1909

Additional Details

Filters allow you to analyze critical costs in a specific fiscal year from different perspectives, such as the order type, the construction type, the location, the planner group or the manufacturer. A condensed view enables you to identify and compare relevant areas within data sets using data visualization and business intelligence. On the other hand, you can also navigate directly to significant single instances. All this can be done seamlessly within one page that combines transactional and analytical data using chart and table visualization.

This app is available for the maintenance planner user role.