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CDS Views for Sales Monitoring and Analytics

New CDS views for Sales Analytics and Monitoring now have been released. Some of the existing CDS views have been updated or deprecated.

Technical Details



Functional Localization

Not applicable

Scope Item

Not applicable

Application Component

SD-ANA (Sales Analytics)

Available As Of

SAP S/4HANA 1909

Additional Details

You can look at all released CDS views and their fields in detail by using the View Browser app.

The following CDS views are now released.
  • I_SalesQuotationItemCube_2: Analytics - Sales Quotation Cube

  • C_SalesQuotationItemQry: Sales Quotations - Flexible Analysis

  • C_SalesContractItemQry: Analytics - Sales Contract

  • I_SalesSchedgAgrmtItemCube: Analytics - Sales Scheduling Agreement Item Cube

  • C_SalesSchedgAgrmtItemQry: Analytics - Sales Scheduling Agreement Item

  • I_SalesOrderCube: Analytics - Sales Order Cube

  • C_SalesOrderQuery: Analytics - Sales Order

  • I_CustomerReturnItemCube_2: Analytics - Customer Return Cube

  • C_CustomerReturnItemQry_2: Customer Returns - Flexible Analysis

  • C_SalesDocumentItemDEX: Data Extraction for Sales Document Item

  • C_BILLINGDOCUMENTITEMBASICDEX: Billing Document Item Basic Extraction Data

    These two CDS views have now been released for data extraction. These CDS views are app-independent, and are available for all external consumers who want to extract sales document item data or billing document item data to SAP BW or other external systems.

The following CDS views have been updated.
  • I_SalesOrderItemCube: Analytics - Incoming Sales Order Cube

  • C_SalesOrderItemQry: Analytics - Incoming Sales Orders

  • C_RevenueFromInvoiceQry: Analytics - Sales Volume Flexible Analysis

The following CDS views have been deprecated.
Deprecated CDS View Replaced With

I_SalesQuotationItemCube (Analytics - Sales Quotation Cube)

I_SalesQuotationItemCube_2 (Analytics - Sales Quotation Cube)

I_CustomerReturnItemCube (Analytics - Customer Return Cube)

I_CustomerReturnItemCube_2 (Analytics - Customer Return Cube)

C_CustomerReturnItemQry (Analytics - Customer Return)

C_CustomerReturnItemQry_2 (Analytics - Customer Return)

Effects on Existing Data

CDS view C_SalesQuotationItemQry (Analytics - Sales Quotation) has been renamed to Sales Quotations - Flexible Analysis.

For more information about the mentioned CDS views, choose the relevant view names in the section Sales Monitoring and Analytics under CDS Views for Sales.