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Maintenance Order: Specifying Default Settlement Rule

With this feature, you can specify which default settlement rule is assigned automatically to a maintenance order or operation when you process maintenance orders on the SAP Web UI for Plant Maintenance. For a combination of plant and order type, you can determine whether the system is to carry out periodic or full settlement. Subsequently, the maintenance order is settled according to this settlement rule when you maintain a settlement rule with default during order processing. The system also assigns the default settlement rule if this assignment is to be made automatically when the order is released or completed.

The default settlement rule is assigned on operation level when the order type is set for operation account assignment.

You can also use this function when you edit maintenance orders in the basic order view.

Technical Details



Available In

Available in all countries/regions

Scope Item

BH1 (Corrective Maintenance), BH2 (Emergency Maintenance), BJ2 (Preventive Maintenance)

Application Component

PM (Plant Maintenance)

Available as of

SAP S/4HANA 1809 FPS02

Required Business Function

Simplified Management of EAM Functions 12 ( LOG_EAM_SIMPLICITY_12)

Effects on Existing Data

If you do not specify a default settlement rule for a specific order type and plant in Customizing, the system carries out both, periodic and full settlement.

Effects on Customizing

You can specify default settlement rules for a combination of order type and plant in Customizing for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service under Start of the navigation pathMaintenance and Service Processing Next navigation step Maintenance and Service Orders Next navigation step Functions and Settings for Order Types Next navigation step Specify Default Settlement Rules for Maintenance OrdersEnd of the navigation path.