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CDS Views for Treasury and Risk Management

With this feature, a great many CDS (Core Data Services) views have been released. The views make it possible to read system data, configuration data, master data, transactional data, and market data relevant for financial transactions/positions of Treasury and Risk Management. Most of them have been enabled for SAP Business Warehouse/4HANA extraction.

Based on released CDS views you can create your own query views.

The CDS query views can be used by any tool/solution that supports CDS views, such as the Analysis for Microsoft Office, Design Studio, SAP Lumira, or SAP Analytics Cloud.

Technical Details



Functional Localization

Not applicable

Scope Item

1WV (Debt and Investment Management), 1X1 (Foreign Currency Risk Management)

Application Component


Available As Of

SAP S/4HANA 1909

Additional Details

The following CDS views for Treasury and Risk Management are available:
  • CDS Views for System Data
    • Product Category and Product Category Text

    • Transaction Category and Transaction Category Text

    • Securities Account Category and Securities Account Category Text

    • Security Class Stock Category and Security Class Stock Category Text

    • Security Class Quotation and Security Class Quotation Text

    • Listed Derivative Quotation and Listed Derivative Quotation Text

    • Listed Derivative Category and Listed Derivative Category Text

    • Option Put/Call Code and Option Put/Call Code Text

    • Debt Investment Indicator and Debt Investment Indicator Text
    • Fixed Variable Interest Category and Fixed Variable Interest Category Text

  • CDS Views for Configuration Data

    • Treasury Valuation Area

    • Treasury Valuation Class and Treasury Valuation Class Text

    • Security Account Type and Security Account Type Text

    • Product Type and Product Type Text

    • Security Class General Classification and Security Class General Classification Text

    • Bond Classification and Bond Classification Text

    • Security Class Security Type and Security Class Security Type Text

    • Security Class Fund Type and Security Class Fund Type Text

    • Transaction Type and Transaction Type Text

    • Portfolio and Portfolio Name

    • Treasury Hedging Classification and Treasury Hedging Classification Name

    • Treasury Account Assignment Reference and Treasury Account Assignment Reference Text

    • Treasury Position Management Procedure and Treasury Position Management Proc. Name

    • Securities Account Group

    • Market Data: Basis Spread ID

    • Credit Spread ID

    • ReferenceEntity Attribute

    • Volatility Name Definition and Volatility Name Description

    • Volatility Profile Information

    • Volatility Type and Volatility Type Text

  • CDS Views for Master Data

    • Treasury Securities Account

    • Central Clearing Account

    • Security Class
      • Security Class Stock

      • Security Class Bond

      • Security Class Listed Derivatives

    • Treasury Position Account

    • Counterparty

  • CDS Views for Transactional Data

    • Financial Transaction

    • Treasury Facility Contract

    • Treasury Facility Utilization

    • Letter of Credit

    • Treasury Position Values Cube

    • Query View for Maturity Profile

    • Maturity Profile Cash Flow Data Cube

  • CDS Views for Market Data

    • Market Data Query for Implied Volatility

    • Market Data Query for Basis Spread

    • Basis Spread Value Cube View

    • Market Data Query for Credit Spread

    • Credit Spread Value Cube View

    • Market Data Query for FX Rate

    • Market Data Cube View for FX Rate

    • Currency Pair Dimension View

    • Market Data Query for Reference Interest Rate

    • Market Data Cube View for Reference Interest Rate

    • Reference IR Dimension View

    • Market Data Query for Security Price

    • Market Data Cube View for Security Price

    • Security Exchange Dimension View

    • Security Price Type Dimension View

    • Reference Interest Rate

    • Implied Volatility Cube View

You can look at all released CDS views and their fields in detail by using the View Browser app.

For more information about the CDS views available, see the product assistance at http://help.sap.com/s4hana_op_1909.000 under Start of the navigation pathCross Components Next navigation step The Virtual Data Model in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Next navigation step CDS Views Next navigation step CDS Views for Finance Next navigation step CDS Views for Treasury ManagementEnd of the navigation path.