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Detail Improvements

The following features describe detail improvements:

  • PMQ.Designer

    • Improved Display of Comments

      The display of comments for product modules, tables and table columns has been improved. If no comment is set on the level of the product modules or tables - if available - the corresponding type comment is displayed (option Display from type)

      A copy of the type comment when creating new elements is therefore no longer necessary. The behavior has been adjusted accordingly.

    • Consolidation of Overrides for Product Module (Type) Folders The previous functionality "Search for unnecessary overwrites" has been extended. The search started via the context menu now also contains unnecessary overwriting of attribute and method folders of product modules, templates and product module types. The result is displayed via the view Console and can also be cleaned up via the command.
    • Improved Display and Deletion of Test Instances

      The display of product module instances in the test structure editor has been improved. In addition to the labels, the (decorated) icons of the relation objects are now also displayed. In addition, improvements have been made to the display performance of the test structure and test result editor.

      When deleting multiple referenced instances, the user can choose whether only the current occurrence or all occurrences in the tree are to be deleted.

    • Headless Command for Importing Test Structures

      A new headless command ImportTestStructures has been added, which allows the import of test structures (and included test cases) by specifying a source and target path. The build must be executed explicitly as a subsequent command. The creation of test data (manually or via plugin_customization.ini) must be activated.

    • Improvements for Folders in Test Structures

      The behavior for showing and hiding folders in the test structure editor has been adapted to the behavior of the product module editor. In the list and detail view, folders can now be shown or hidden using the button Icon show and hide foldes

    • Improving the Output of Headless Test Commands

      The output of the test execution commands of the batch mode of PMQ.Designer has been standardized. The qualified names of the currently executed test case are now displayed with percentage progress. In addition, the mass test command has been extended by the output of the result values of the calculation instructions.

      The execution status (OK | Checking error and Error with associated error message) is now output for each executed test case.

    • Incremental Build in Headless Mode

      The headless command Build has been extended by the optional parameter -incremental, which allows the execution of an incremental build of all projects in the workspace. This reduces the runtimes of the headless deployment for Java and C runtime by approximately 75% compared to the previous release.

      To achieve such improvements, the workspace in the headless deployment must not be changed. The latest changes are retrieved from the version control system before each new deployment. The new parameter causes only the changed objects and their dependencies to be built.

    • Display of the Last Calculation Result in the Debugger

      In the view PMQ Variables of the Debugging perspective, a special variable Icon calculation result variable is now displayed after each step operation that took place at the end of a calculation (calculation of formulas, functions, user exits, methods or attributes).

    • Refactoring of Tables for Deleted Structure Type Fields

      If a field in a structure type is deleted, the corresponding columns in the implementing tables are now deleted by refactoring. Exceptions are columns in external tables and columns that are part of a key or table index.

    • Improvements for Creating Structure Types

      The structure type editor has been extended with the button Create structure type Icon create structure type.The structure type of the opened editor is preset as the basic type in the installation wizard.

    • Search for Inherited Properties

      Inherited single data on overwritten elements can now be searched for by activating the option Consider single value inheritance in the section Inheritance State of the PMQ Base Search. This option is deactivated by default.

    • Validation for Negative Sort Keys

      The system now checks whether negative sort keys exist for elements, packages and folders. After entering a negative sort key and saving the changed object, a warning appears in the Error view.

    • Quick Fix for Incorrect Language-Dependent Values

      If a language is removed from the technical schema, warnings are issued for the language-dependent values of the elements that use this language. In this case, a corresponding warning message is created. This message has been extended with a quick fix that deletes the language-dependent values of all elements that refer to a non-existent language.

    • Checking the Workspace Version in Headless Mode

      The behavior for checking the workspace version in headless mode has been extended. A warning now appears in headless mode - as in UI mode - if the versions of PMQ.Designer and the workspace to be opened are incompatible. Such a check within a batch process can prevent unexpected program behavior with possible data loss.

    • Plugin for Checking Characters

      For PMQ.Designer an example for a user-specific plugin for character checking is provided (see delivery structure …\Samples\CustomerValidationPlugin\). With the help of this plugin, invalid special characters are recognized and marked. This allows problems in downstream IT systems to be avoided at an early stage during the development of product data. Invalid characters can be configured by regular expression.


    • Support of Object Libraries and Object Extensions

      The export and import behavior of POTATO has been adjusted. It is now possible to export and import objects from object libraries and extension objects. A separate folder is created for each project from which the data is exported. This avoids indexes in file names in the case of objects with the same name. A new data version of the POTATO configuration has been created (data version 1812). As of this release, the version is displayed in the format YYMM - as already for PMQ.Designer.

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Available in all countries/regions

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FS-MPM (msg.PMQ)

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SAP S/4HANA 1809 FPS01