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Scenario Builder

The scenario builder lets you quickly create data for testing, demos, and training

With the scenario builder, administrators can create scenario templates that include all the scenario data (system objects and Customizing data) required for running a scenario in Transportation Management (TM).

Testers, for example, can then browse the scenario templates and use them to quickly create their own copies of the scenario data in the system: This means no more uncertainly about what data is required for a scenario, and no more time spent preparing the data.

Technical Details

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SAP S/4HANA 1709 FPS01

Additional Details

The scenario builder supports the following activities:

  • Administrators can add Customizing data and a variety of system objects to a scenario template.

  • Once created, scenario templates can be used indefinitely.

  • The scenario builder creates a personal copy of the scenario data for each user. This enables multiple users to run a scenario simultaneously. This feature is especially useful for group testing and workshops.

  • Scenario templates can be downloaded to be shared. You can edit them locally and then upload them.

To create and use scenario templates, on the launchpad, open the Scenario Builder app.

See Also

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