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SAP Menu for Central Finance

This feature enables you to directly access the functions that you perform regularly when using Central Finance.

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Available in all countries/regions

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No scope item required

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FI-CF (Central Finance)

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Additional Details

A new SAP Menu for Central Finance is available. You can access it in SAP Easy Access under Start of the navigation pathSAP Menu Next navigation step Accounting Next navigation step Central FinanceEnd of the navigation path. It contains functions that you use frequently during your daily business in Central Finance for the following areas:

  • Mapping

    Contains the functions that you use for business mapping.

    Transaction Function
    FINS_CFIN_MAP_MANAGE Manage Mappings
    FINS_CFIN_MAP_LOG Manage Mappings Log
    FINS_CFIN_KM_AUDIT History of Key Mappings
    MDG_KM_MAINTAIN Maintain Key Mappings
    CFIN_CO_MAPPING_ADM Display Cost Object Mapping
    FINS_CFIN_MAP_REL Display Mapping Relationship
  • Consistency Checks

    Contains the function that you use to check the configuration consistency between a source system and the Central Finance system.

    Transaction Function
    FINS_CFIN_CC Configuration Consistency Check
  • Comparison Reports

    Contains the functions that you use to ensure the correctness of data that you have replicated from a source system to the Central Finance system.

    Transaction Function
    FINS_CFIN_DFV_FI_NUM Count of Journal Entries
    FINS_CFIN_DFV_FI_DOC G/L Account Line Items
    FINS_CFIN_DFV_FI_BAL G/L Account Balances
    FINS_CFIN_DFV_CLR FI Clearing Status of Document Line Items
    FINS_CFIN_DFV_CO_NUM Count of CO Documents
    FINS_CFIN_DFV_CO_DOC Line Items for Cost Elements
    FINS_CFIN_DFV_CO_BAL Balances for Cost Elements
    FINS_CFIN_DFV_CMTDOC Line Items for Commitments in CO
    FINS_CFIN_DFV_CMTNUM Count of Line Items for Commitments in CO
    FINS_CFIN_DFV_PCA_BA Balances for Profit Centers
    FINS_CFIN_DFV_PCA_CN Count of Profit Center Documents
  • Error Handling

    Contains that functions that you use to correct errors that occurred during initial load or ongoing replication of journal entries.

    Transaction Function
    FINS_CFIN_AIF_ERR Monitoring and Error Handling
    FINS_CFIN_AIF_ERRWEB Monitoring and Error Handling (Web)
    FINS_CFIN_AIF_IFMON Interface Monitor
    FINS_CFIN_AIF_SETUP Setup for Central Finance
    CFIN_CO_DOC_CRCT Reverse and Repost CO Documents

The SAP Menu for Central Finance is delivered starting from the following releases:

  • SAP S/4HANA 1809 FPS2

  • SAP S/4HANA 1709 SP 04

  • SAP S/4HANA 1610 SP 06