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SAP Fiori: Periodic Billing Overview

This product feature provides specific capabilities that provide a complete picture of the progress of periodic billing for the selected portion and scheduled billing date. You immediately see what must be dealt with as a priority. Alternatively, you can navigate to the next level, for example to the processing of outsorted billing documents, to obtain more information and process items.

You can also use this app to obtain a complete view of all unbilled contracts for the selected portion and scheduled billing date by processing status.

Technical Details

Product Feature is


Country Dependency

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SAP S/4HANA On Premise 1709

Additional Details

The app offers a complete overview of all contracts to be billed for the selected portion and scheduled billing date. This includes the contracts which have been billed, are still unbilled or suppressed for billing. The unbilled contracts overview shows all unbilled contracts by processing status, including contracts that are billable, have outsorted billing documents, have incomplete meter reading results, whose billing process ended with errors, or whose billing orders are missing.

The overview page presents both high-level and detailed information about the overall billing progress, on the basis of the selected portion and the scheduled billing date.

The app is directly linked to the apps Resolve Outsorted Billing Documents and Release Blocked Utilities Contracts, to facilitate a logical processing flow.

Roles and Business Catalog

This app is available for the role Billing Specialist (Utilities) (SAP_BR_BILLING_SPECIALIST_ISU) and is assigned to the business catalog Utilities-Billing (SAP_ISU_BC_BIL_SPECIALIST).

See Also

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