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With this app, you can search, browse, and tag analytical and non-analytical queries.

Technical Details

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SAP S/4HANA 1610

Additional Details

You can use this app for the following:

  • Display all CDS views (Basic, Composite, and Consumption) and the details that are part of Virtual Data Model (VDM) of S4HANA and displays the CDS views that you are authorized to access.

  • Search for the views, view types, view categories, tables, view description, view column names, annotations, or user added tags.

  • Create customized tags for CDS views.

  • Mark the view as favorite.

  • Analyze an analytical query using multidimensional grid.

  • Display a data preview of analytical and non-analytical queries.

  • Display all CDS views and tables used by the selected view using the Cross Reference tab.

  • Displays the column names, data elements, relevant definitions and other parameters of the selected view.

  • Filter and sort the views.

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