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Hand Over Purchase Requisitions

With this feature you can use the Hand Over Purchase Requisitions app to hand over in one step all selected purchase requisitions in your area of responsibility that are created automatically during the MRP run and that have to be checked before being handed over to purchasing. The app is available in the search function embedded in the shell bar as well as in the app finder in the user actions menu.

Technical Details



Functional Localization

Not applicable

Scope Item

J44 (Material Requirements Planning)

Application Component

PP-MRP (Material Requirements Planning)

PP-FIO-MRP (Fiori UI for Material Requirements Planning)

Available As Of

SAP S/4HANA 2020

Additional Details

In addition to the handover of purchase requisitions by choosing the Actions button in the Manage apps (Manage Material Coverage app, Manage External Requirements app, Manage Internal Requirements app, and Manage Production Orders or Manage Process Orders app), you can use this app to hand over several purchase requisitions at once, to change or delete purchase requisitions, and to navigate to the Purchase Requisition object page app.

Effects on Customizing

In Customizing for Production under Start of the navigation pathMaterial Requirements Planning Next navigation step MRP Groups Next navigation step Carry Out Overall Maintenance of MRP GroupsEnd of the navigation path you have to define whether purchase requisitions created automatically during the MRP run need to be handed over to purchasing. You do this by selecting the PReq Handover Required checkbox for the relevant MRP group.

In addition, to activate this parameter of the MRP group, you have to assign the MRP group to the material in the material master record.