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SAP S/4HANA Financial Closing cockpit

The SAP S/4HANA Financial Closing cockpit is an integral part of SAP S/4HANA. It supports you in planning, executing, monitoring, and analyzing financial closing tasks for the entities of your group. It can be used in the following cases:

  • Activities recur periodically.

  • Multiple agents are involved.

  • The activities are performed within a process that has a fixed chronological sequence or is determined by dependencies.

  • The activities need to be supported by a shared, uniform interface for everyone involved.

Technical Details

Product Feature is


Country Dependency

Available in all countries/regions

Application Component



SAP S/4HANA 1709

Additional Details

The SAP S/4HANA Financial Closing cockpit offers the following features to facilitate the optimization of your closing process:

  • Event-driven organization of closing activities

  • Analysis tools

  • One entry point and one look for all related activities.

    The following tiles are available and provided with the technical catalog SAP_TC_FIN_ACC_COMMON:



    Manage Task Templates

    SAP S/4HANA Financial Closing cockpit

    • Import, copy, open, and release task templates

    • Get access to any customizing and monitoring activity, such as:

      • General customizing

      • Notifications

      • Organizational Units

      • Global IDs

      • Background Job Monitor

      • Global ID Monitor

    Task Lists

    SAP S/4HANA Financial Closing cockpit

    • Overview of task lists assigned to you with one of the following statuses:

      • In preparation

      • In process

      • Completed

    • Forward navigation into any of the single task lists to process corresponding closing tasks or change their status.

    Process Closing Tasks (Classic)

    SAP S/4HANA Financial Closing cockpit

    Classical application to process closing tasks.

    • Rendering of tasks in a hierarchical tree and/or in a flat list

    • Edit and execute tasks

    • Schedule and change status depending on tasks types

    Release Closing Cockpit Task List

    SAP S/4HANA Financial Closing cockpit

    • Release or activate task lists

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