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Data Release

This new feature enables you to use the new SAP Fiori apps Consolidation Data Release Cockpit, Consolidation Data Release Monitor and Drill-Through Reports to integrate all activities throughout the data release process, from period initialization, currency translation, local validation, data tracing, data release, through to approval.

Technical Details

Product Feature is


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Application Component

FIN-RTC (Real-Time Consolidation)


SAP S/4HANA 1709

Additional Details

Generally, data release supports business processes from both local and group perspectives.
  • By accessing the app Consolidation Data Release Cockpit, local accountants can view, verify, and release financial data for a specified model and entities. Based on the status of the most recently released data, the system controls whether currency translation, validation, and release is possible for new posting data, and displays the released and to-be-released amount in both local currency and group currency. Data release history can be retrieved for comparison purposes.

  • Using the app Drill-Through Reports, users can display a list of journal entries for the specified consolidation model and cut-off time, or drill through from the account line item of reported data in the app Consolidation Data Release Cockpit to its original financial journal entries. Usually, amounts are displayed in various currencies on entity and group account level.
  • The app Consolidation Data Release Monitor enables group accountants to monitor statuses of released data for the specified entities and fiscal period, as well as perform mass actions, such as period initialization, currency translation, data validation, release, defer, and approval in a sequential order. To ensure correct data processing, the system controls each task by verifying the results of its preceding tasks.

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