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Cut-Off Date in Commercial Projects

This feature enables you to define a cut-off date in the commercial project header, to indicate a date for in-period forecasts. The cut-off date is also updated in the header of corresponding financial plans.

Most businesses require the entry of actuals (such as time recording) at regular intervals (for example, by the Friday of every week). Such practices enable project managers to review ongoing projects, using actuals until the cut-off date as the basis for their forecast.

Technical Details



Available In

Available in all countries/regions

Application Component

Project Workspace (CA-CPD-WS)

Available as of

SAP S/4HANA 1809 FPS01

Effects on Existing Data

You can either manually enter a cut-off date in the commercial project header or allow the Mass Forecasting and Transfer program to update this field by performing an in-period forecast.

Effects on System Administration

Execute the Mass Forecasting and Transfer program (/CPD/PFP_MASS_FORCAST_TRANSFER) at least once, to allow the program to set cut-off dates in commercial projects and to calculate forecast values for additional KPIs. You may also consider scheduling this program as a batch job for mass processing of financial plans.

Effects on Customizing

To define settings for cut-off dates in commercial projects, use the Customizing activity Make Settings for Commercial Projects in Customizing for Start of the navigation pathCommercial Project Management Next navigation step  Master Data Next navigation step Commercial ProjectEnd of the navigation path.